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Benefits Of RCI Membership

Vacation Options

Exchange Holidays

One of the most significant benefits of RCI subscribing membership is the ability to exchange into one of the many RCI affiliated resorts. One year you might want to bask in the Caribbean sunshine. The next, to walk along the Appalachian Trail or ski the Rockies. From art colonies, to theme parks, your Exchange Vacation unlocks a world of possibilities.

Note: you must be logged into rci.com to search for Exchange Holidays. Exchange Holidays are a great solution when you need to change the annual weeks you’ve been assigned to at your resort. Simply deposit that week with RCI and choose a Holiday at a time and place that works for you.

Split Week Holidays

Split your Holiday Week and take two short holidays (midweek and weekend) instead of one if. If your schedule is more suited to shorter holidays, you may opt to exchange your Week for two short holidays at any of the selected participating RCI-affiliated resorts in Asia.

* Only applicable to member whose resort/club participates in Split Week program.

GetAway Specials

Travel far beyond one holiday per year when you have an RCI subscribing membership. Take another holiday or several. RCI regularly has extra resort inventory available (whether it’s peak or off season), that members can purchase at very attractive prices.


Resort Rentals

RCI has sourced a large selection of rental accommodation for members' use at exclusive member rates. This accommodation is available in popular holiday destinations like Malaysia, Thailand, London, Singapore, etc where RCI timeshare accommodation is not available and/or limited. Resort rental accommodation is a great way to have another holiday apart from your exchange holiday, or an excellent addition to your exchange holiday. Resort Rental accommodation is available on a per night basis at some destinations.

For more information on Resort Rental accommodation, please call our Holiday Guides to get the latest listing and their availability.

Cruise Holidays

RCI subscribing members have access to over 50 leading cruise lines and thousands of itineraries that will take you to some of the most fascinating ports of call in the world. Cruise with RCI at special member preferred rate.

Endless Vacation® magazine

RCI subscribing members receive the exclusive travel magazine, featuring full-length articles on destinations, traveler’s tales, events and sights too good to miss.

Endless Vacation® magazine is the official publication of RCI, LLC. RCI benefits are obtained only via subscription to the Endless Vacation Magazine. Use of the term membership is intended to denote subscription to the Endless Vacation magazine.

Other Member Benefits and Services

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of vacation! RCI offers you so many great opportunities to go on vacation, and now you can extend this great value to your family and friends! Call RCI today to activate your Guest Certificate! Click here for more information.

Please not that, according to RCI’s Terms and Condition, Guest Certificates cannot be sold or used for commercial purposes. Your guest must be at least 21 years of age.